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Civil Actions against the Police

Civil Actions against the Police
3rd Edition, 1st Supplement
Practice Area:  Human Rights
ISBN:  9780421922600
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  12 Nov 2005
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Civil Actions against the Police provides comprehensive analysis of the civil rights and remedies for police misconduct. It covers complaints against the police as well as the practice and procedure of bringing a claim.
It provides detailed explanation on the traditional tort actions that may be brought against the police as well as the developing tort of misfeasance in public office and claims in breach of confidence and data protection.
* Covers all possible actions against the police in one place
* Provides detailed procedural guidance - ensuring practitioners have all the information they need when preparing a civil action
* Includes all the relevant documents - including PACE Codes and JSB Specimen Directions
* Covers damages and other remedies
* Includes new chapters on Negligence, Discrimination Claims and Human Rights Act Claims


Introduction: Policing and the Citizen

The Legal Status and Organisation of the Police
1. The Legal Status and Organisation of the Police
2. Complaints Against the Police
3. Practice and Procedure

Traditional Tort Actions
4. International Torts to the Person
5. Police Powers over the Person: Arrest, Detention and Other Miscellaneous Powers
6. Interfering with Land and Goods
7. Lawful Justifications for Entry, Search and Seizure
8 Malicious Prosecution and Related Actions

Other Actions and Remedies
9. Police Surveillance and Information GatheringIntroduction
- The Right to Privacy
- Breach of Confidence
- Limitations on Police Surveillance
- Police Computers and Personal Data
10. Negligence
11. Misfeasance and other Civil Actions
12. Discrimination Claims
13. Judicial Review of Police Decisions
14. Damages
15. Other Remedies
- Introduction
- Injunctions
- Declarations
- Remedies in Relation to Goods
- Habeas Corpus
16. The Human Rights Act
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