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Central Issues in Jurisprudence

Central Issues in Jurisprudence
Justice, Law and Rights
5th Edition
ISBN:  9780414054912
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  21 Feb 2018
Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Paperback
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Central Issues in Jurisprudence is a clear introduction to the major theories and arguments which currently dominate discussion in jurisprudence. The work enables students to read the original writers with a real understanding of how the theories relate to each other, and how these theories cluster around certain fundamental issues.

Combining lucid exposition with commentary, the author provides a penetrating analysis of each theory examined, and a deep understanding of the problems addressed. Coverage includes:

  • Utilitarianism
  • Rawls
  • Nozick
  • Finnis
  • Hart
  • Dworkin
  • Fuller
  • Rights

Central Issues in Jurisprudence remains the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to get to grips with this demanding but rewarding subject. Readers benefit from the author’s ability to make the subject accessible, without over-simplification.

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Part one: Justice

  • Utilitarianism
  • Rawls
  • Nozick
  • Finnis on objective goods

Part two: Law

  • Hart
  • Dworkin
  • Fuller

Part three: Rights

  • The analysis of rights


  • Split into three parts addressing Justice, Law, and Rights.
  • Extensive recommendations for further reading throughout.
  • Authored by Dr. Nigel Simmonds, Professor of Jurisprudence, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Corpus Christi College.
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