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EU Public Procurement: Law and Practice
EU Public Procurement: Law and Practice
Number of volumes: 2
ISBN:  9780851219059
Last Release: Jun 2018 / Next Release: Oct 2018
Subscription Information: 2 releases a year, Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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This leading reference work provides a comprehensive account of the rules governing procurement by public authorities and utilities in the UK, including those operating in the defence sector. It offers a detailed explanation of the regulations implementing EU public procurement directives and their enforcement. It also covers national rules on lower value procurement and related topics. 

Key cases in the European and UK courts are analysed and important or problematic issues are illuminated with the help of EU and UK government guidance.

New regulations governing procurement by public authorities came into force for England, Wales and Northern Ireland in February 2015. In April 2016 the corresponding regulations for Scotland will take effect. At that time, further regulations reforming the procurement regime for utilities will enter into force together with new regulations on concession contracts. These further developments affect the whole of the UK although there are separate regulations for Scotland.

National rules include both the “Lord Young” reforms to lower value procurement and other matters in England and those made under the Procurement Reform Act (Scotland) 2014. New national rules for the Welsh public sector are anticipated.

The work comprises a regularly-updated commentary on all of these developments written with practitioners’ needs in mind.
It includes key EU and UK law materials and a popular library of CJEU case law.

The broader UK context for public procurement is addressed in chapters covering topics such as the efficiency and reform agenda, social and environmental considerations, public-private partnerships and healthcare procurement, and international obligations (WTO Government Procurement Agreement) are explained.
    Public sector rules
    • Adopting good practice
    • Understanding what is covered
    • Choosing a procurement procedure
    • Specifying requirements
    • Advertising
    • Selecting suppliers
    • Evaluating tenders and awarding contracts
    • De-briefing suppliers and keeping records
    Utilities rules
    • Introduction and background
    • Understanding what is covered
    • Choosing a procurement procedure
    • Specifying requirements
    • Advertising
    • Qualifying and selecting suppliers
    • Evaluating tenders and awarding contracts
    • De-briefing suppliers and keeping records
    • Enforcement of the utilities rules
    Enforcement and contexts
    • Enforcement and the rules
    • The best value regime
    • Sustainable procurement
    • The efficiency programme in local government
    Complex procurements
    • Introduction to procurement strategy
    • Public-public partnerships
    • Public-private partnerships
    • SMEs and the third sector
    • Electronic procurement
    • ICT and business process outsourcing
    • Housing and sustainable communities
    International agreements
    • Bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral agreements
    • An introduction to EU law and institutions
    • UK law and materials
    • Guidance from the UK government
    • Core EU law and materials
    • Communications from the European commission
    • Guidance from other sources
    • WTO and international law materials
    • Key procurement cases
    • Useful sources of information

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    EC Public Procurement: Law and Practice should have pride of place on the bookshelf of every operator who needs to know all about the procurement law in force. - Martin Bangemann, Vice President of the Commission of the European Communities

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