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McGregor on Damages
McGregor on Damages
20th Edition, Mainwork & 2nd Supplement
Series:  Common Law Library
Practice Area:  Damages
ISBN:  9780414073203
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  31 Dec 2019
Format:  eBook - ProView
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eBook - ProView
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A primary reference tool on the general principles and the particular aspects of common law damages, McGregor on Damages is still the leading authority on damages and has been for over 50 years.

Part of the Common Law Library McGregor on Damages provides in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the law, from detailed consideration of the general principles to a full analysis of specific areas of damages.

The Second Supplement to the Twentieth Edition covers all the latest developments in the law of damages since publication of the Twentieth Edition in December 2017 and the first supplement to the Twentieth Edition in December 2018. The developments in the second supplement include remoteness and mitigation of damage, contributory negligence, recovery for loss of a chance, disgorgement of profits, damages and interest awards, damages and legal costs, and damages in the context of share sales, professional services, personal injury, defamation, privacy infringements, economic torts and intellectual property wrongs.

Case updates in the second supplement include:

  • Perry v Raleys Solicitors [2019]
  • Assetco Plc v Grant Thornton UK LLP [2019]
  • Manchester Building Society v Grant Thornton UK LLP [2019]
  • Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust [2018]
  • Ancient Order of Foresters in Victoria Friendly Society Ltd v Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Ltd [2018]
  • ARB v IVF Hammersmith [2018]
  • Richard v The British Broadcasting Corporation [2018]
  • Khan v MNX [2018]
And many more...

Features List:
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the law of damages, from detailed consideration of the general principles to specific heads of damages
  • Clarifies complex areas such as loss of a chance, mitigation, causation and exemplary damages
  • Examines such issues as periodical payments and interest on damages
  • Goes through statement of case, the trial and appeals
  • Considers damages in relation to particular contracts, tort and human rights such as below:
  • Sale of Goods, Hire and Hire-purchase of Goods, Sale of Land, Contracts to Pay or to Lend Money, Contracts for Carriage and Contracts of Employment
  • Torts affecting Goods: Damages and Destruction, Misappropriation, Torts Affecting Land, Torts Causing Personal Injury, Torts Causing Death, Assault and False Imprisonment, Malicious Institution of Legal Proceedings, Defamation, Economic Torts, Misrepresentation, Infringement of Privacy and Misfeasance in Public Office
Human Rights
  • Damages are sought through the courts to compensate someone who suffers loss, damage or injury caused by the action of others
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