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Current Sentencing Practice
Current Sentencing Practice
Number of volumes: 4
Practice Area:  Criminal Law
ISBN:  9780421257405
Subscription Information: 3 releases a year, Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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Current Sentencing Practice offers comprehensive guidance and expert commentary on all aspects of the law and practice of sentencing.

Main features:

  • Sets out details of a wide array of offences, setting out maximum sentences, minimum sentences, and any applicable guidelines
  • Guides users to the most appropriate sentence for the most common offences
  • Details the various sentencing orders available to a sentencing court, setting out the applicable procedure and principles in a logical format
  • Re-produces relevant legislation with cross-references, annotations and commentary
  • Includes important decisions from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) and the Divisional Court
  • Pays appropriate deference to the Sentencing Guidelines, reflecting the approach taken by the courts to offences with/without a definitive guideline
  • Three issues annually of Sentencing News

Sentencing News:

Included as part of your subscription to Current Sentencing Practice, Sentencing News features incisive articles and updates and analysis on legislation and recent cases. It provides an insight into how changes in the law are being received by the legal community, gives you a chance to read the results of research by well-regarded practitioners, and connects you with other great minds working in the same filed.

  • Part A: Sentences of imprisonment
  • Part B: Non-custodial sentences—primary orders
  • Part C: On-custodial sentences—secondary/ancillary orders
  • Part D: Confiscation
  • Part E: Mental health
  • Part F: Young offenders
  • Part G: Appeals
  • Part H: Procedure/principles
  • Part I: Offences against the person
  • Part J: Offences against public safety
  • Part K: Drugs
  • Part L: Sexual offences
  • Part M: Dishonesty offences
  • Part N: Arson and criminal damage
  • Part O: Driving and vehicle offences
  • Part P: Offences against justice
  • Part Q: Immigration and passport offences
  • Part R: Copyright and forgery offences
  • Part S: Commercial regulation


Editors- Lyndon Harris and Sebastian Walker, 
Consultant Editors - Professor Julian Roberts

As per our renewal policy your subscription will automatically renew each year – please see our Terms of Trading for full details.


Excerpt from the Foreword written May 2017
This new edition of Current Sentencing Practice demonstrates a welcome reaction to and recognition of the new sentencing landscape.  The new editors, Lyndon Harris and Nicky Padfield, have produced an edition which is responsive to modern needs.  Appropriate prominence is given to guidelines which increasingly cover the canvas of criminal sentencing, (and which is anticipated by the turn of the decade to cover all major criminal offences).  That is not to say that case law is redundant.  It is a vital source in the discussion and application of principles in a number of areas.  Frequently decisions of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division shed light on the nuances and interpretation of individual guidelines or specific parts thereof.  In areas where, as yet, there are no guidelines, carefully selected cases are of particular importance.  The editors have in my view made a relevant and helpful selection of case law with these matters in mind.  Their focus has been very much on matters which elucidate points of principle or issues of difficulty, rather than providing a body of case law which simply serves to provide a series of factual examples from which no helpful principle can be derived. 
In 1987 the then Lord Chief Justice, Lord Lane, commented in a foreword to an earlier edition of this work that “As sentencing options increase with more and more Parliamentary intervention, so the judge’s task becomes more and more difficult”.  Nothing has occurred in the last 30 years to rob that statement of its validity.  Indeed, those observations carry even greater weight today.  The publication of this work in its modernised form is a very welcome addition to the tools available to judges and practitioners alike in finding their way successfully through increasingly difficult terrain. 

Colman Treacy
Lord Justice of Appeal and Chair of the Sentencing Council of England and Wales

Current Sentencing Practice is also available online via Westlaw UK's renowned interface delivering unprecedented functionality and navigation. To find out more about the leading analytical and authoritative commentary on Westlaw UK please visit httpswww.westlaw.co.uk/commentary.html
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