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Greenslade on Costs
Greenslade on Costs
Number of volumes: 1
Practice Area:  Legal Profession, Litigation
ISBN:  9780950417660
General Editor: Colin Campbell
Subscription Information: 2 releases a year, Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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Providing clear explanation, expert advice and practical precedents for efficient and accurate calculation of costs, Greenslade on Costs:
  • Provides complete guidance on the law and practice of civil contentious costs
  • Explains what needs to be done, when and how, ensuring nothing is overlooked
  • Clarifies points which are otherwise open to interpretation
  • Covers costs in the County Court, the Crown Court, the Magistrates’ Court, family proceedings, the Court of Protection, the Supreme Court and the Privy Council
  • Analyses in detail, issues of entitlement, procedure, appeals, scales and civil and criminal legal aid
  • Contains all the documentation you need for the effective calculation of costs, including legislative materials, specimen forms, procedural tables and precedents
  • Keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments by way of two releases a year
  • Includes a free bulletin service providing expert editorial comment and information on new cases, amendments to rules, new Practice Directions and new SIs
  • Provides the one place you can turn to, sure in the knowledge that the answers and advice you seek can be found

What's new for 2013

In February the Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules were finally laid before Parliament to come into force from 1 April 2013. Statutory Instrument 2013 No.262 implements by changes to the Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”), the proposals recommended by Lord Justice Jackson in his report on civil costs. With effect from that date, parties in virtually all cases save the Admiralty and Commercial courts will be obliged to exchange costs budgets to enable the court to “costs manage” civil litigation in England and Wales (CPR 3.12-18).
Also with effect from 1 April, success fees and After the Event insurance premiums in most cases will cease to be recoverable from losing opponents. Instead they must be met by the winner out of his or her damages, but losing claimants in personal injury and fatal accidents cases will not have to pay costs where “Qualified One Way Costs Shifting” applies (CPR 44.14-17). For the first time, contingency fees (to be known as “Damages Based Agreements”) will be permitted (CPR44.18), and when it comes to the assessment of these costs, the Lownds test will no longer apply because a new definition of proportionality is introduced by CPR 44.3(5).

Greenslade will explain these changes and how they will work in practice. The bi-annual bulletin will set out the principal alterations to the CPR as well as highlighting the latest costs cases, whilst the releases, also published twice a year, will be updated to include the new rules and costs practice direction.

These changes will have major implications for all practitioners, in all likelihood more so than the Woolf reforms, so there has never been a time when Greenslade has been as indispensable as now.

  • General principles of civil contentious costs
  • Counsel's fees
  • Assessment and taxation procedure
  • Costs in the county court
  • The Solicitors Act 1974
  • Crown Court costs
  • Miscellaneous
  • Legal aid
  • Privy Council and House of Lords
  • Magistrates Court costs
  • Fees

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