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Renton & Brown's Criminal Procedure Legislation
Renton & Brown's Criminal Procedure Legislation
Number of volumes: 3
Practice Area:  Criminal Law, Scottish Law
ISBN:  9780414011526
Subscription Information: 3 releases a year, Non-Subscribable Product
Format:  Looseleaf
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This invaluable work draws together all primary and subordinate legislation in the field of Scots criminal procedure.


Fully annotated versions of the following are contained within the looseleaf:
  • Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1990
  • Prisoners and Criminal Proceedings (Scotland) Act 1993
  • Criminal Law (Consolidation)(Scotland) Act 1995
  • Proceeds of Crime (Scotland) Act 1995
  • Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995
  • Crime and Punishment (Scotland) Act 1997
  • Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (sections applicable for Scotland)
Also contained are fully updated, and annotated selected sections of:
  • The Miscellaneous Statutes:
  • Sheriff Court and Legal Officers (Scotland) Act 1927
  • Police (Scotland) Act 1967
  • Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982
  • Protection from Harassment Act 1997
  • Human Rights 1998
  • Scotland Act 1998
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act 2000
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000
  • Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001
  • International Criminal Court Act 2001
  • Crime (International Co-operation) Act 2003
  • Extradition Act 2003
  • Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003
  • Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006
  • Criminal Proceedings etc. (Reform) (Scotland) Act 2007
  • Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010
  • Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act 2011
  • Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012
  • Partnerships (Prosecution) (Scotland) Act 2013Partnerships (Prosecution) (Scotland) Act 2013
  • Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014
  • Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014
  • Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016
  • Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016
  • Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018
  • Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Act 2019Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Act 2019

In addition, there are updated annotations to Division B - Acts of Adjournal, etc:
  • Act of Adjournal (Criminal Procedure Rules) 1996
  • The High Court of Justiciary (Proceedings in the Netherlands)(United Nations) Order 1998
  • Justice of the Peace (Tribunal)(Scotland) Regulations 2001
  • Practice notes
  • Penalty tables


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Renton & Brown's Criminal Procedure Legislation is published by W. Green. To find out more about W. Green, and our products please visit https://www.sweetandmaxwell.co.uk/wgreen
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