Federated Search & Knowledge Management

Multiple databases in multiple formats that require multiple searches and then time to consolidate - it's a peril of the modern working environment.

Now, with one search you can connect to all the information your organisation needs and relies on, whether it’s external data sources or internal know how and systems.

Deliver more comprehensive and consistent legal research with Solcara Legal Search. Our flexible solutions are made up of:

  • Legal Search Professional – reference all the online legal information services that matter to you, such as Westlaw UK, Lawtel, Practical Law Company and others, with just one search
  • Legal Search Enterprise – search your core internal legal databases, such as precedents, document management and library systems, as well as online legal information services

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  • Know How connects you to the intelligence and practical know how stored within your organisation so you can find internal documents with ease and speed.

  • Collects, classifies and indexes all your internal documents and know how in one place
  • Lets you share information that you and your colleagues need to know about, increasing its value and use
  • One search lets you access all the know how stored in your business’ internal systems, databases and documents
  • Allows you to capitalise on and maximise the power of the expertise, insights and knowledge held within your organisation
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