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Our content is available in a growing variety of formats; the following are available to purchase on the Sweet & Maxwell website.

Publishing for over 200 years, we offer the vast majority in hardback or paperback copy.

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ProVieweBooks available on the Sweet & Maxwell are built for Thomson Reuters ProView. For Apple iPad, Windows and Mac.

Custom built for legal professionals our new eBooks have been designed to specifically meet the demands of agile and dynamic people and feature a high level of functionality you wouldn't normally see on eBook readers.

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To access eBooks on ProView, download the app:

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Online products are available on an online format, usually through a website which requires a user account. After you purchase an online product from us and we process your order, we'll usually send you an email providing you with instructions and access.

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Visit our legal research solutions page for information on Westlaw UK, Westlaw International and Westlaw IE.

Our journals cover a wide range of legal topics. Some titles publish biannually, with others producing up to 12 editions every year. We also publish a hardback volume of each journal annually.

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Our looseleafs offer a continually updating legal service. We offer subscriptions and CBR (charge by release) titles, with some up-dating two to four times annually. Many of our looseleafs are also available online.

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Our CD-ROMs offer legal commentary and precedents information in an easy-accessible and simple to search format. 

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