Archbold 2018

Archbold has been the trusted companion of the judiciary and criminal practitioners for nearly two centuries. It offers you a complete coverage of the Crown Court. Separate chapters cover each indictable offence in depth, from forgery to murder, enhancing your understanding of the crimes relevant to your current cases.

Supplemented three times a year Archbold keeps you abreast of the latest developments in criminal law, from cases to new Statutory Instruments. Ten copies a year of the Archbold Review bulletin provides insight into the latest discussions in criminal law and practice from your colleagues and peers.

Online Archbold uses the power of Westlaw UK to connect you to a vast array of criminal law content, primary law and more. 

The Archbold eBook is powered by Thomson Reuters ProView™, the award winning eReader app, that has been specifically built for legal professionals. 

Regardless of format, every word is ingrained with the wisdom, experience and expertise of our expert author team who know what it takes to build watertight cases and deliver when it really matters. 

Covering both substantive law, practice and procedure of the Crown Court, each indictable offence is covered in its own chapter.

You know as well as we do how quickly the law changes, and so you can stay completely up to date with the latest developments via the Archbold e-update, a weekly email alert containing all the relevant updates in criminal law that impact Archbold, cross-referenced by paragraph to the main work. What’s more, the content is archived online so you can access the latest information at anytime.