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WIPO Journal, The
WIPO Journal, The
Practice Area: Intellectual Property
ISSN: 2041-2029
Published by: Sweet & Maxwell
General Editor: Peter Yu
Last Release: Nov 2015 / Next Release: Oct 2016
Subscription Information: 1 issue a year, Any Time Start
Format: Journal
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The WIPO Journal: Analysis and Debate of Intellectual Property Issues provides an invaluable forum for debate on the controversial issues affecting IP. It draws on the knowledge of experts from around the world to comment on a wide variety of matters influencing and affecting the global IP community.

Presenting a new journal on global IP developments
This new peer-reviewed journal published in association with WIPO and Thomson Reuters presents an exciting new forum for debating the key issues affecting intellectual property protection throughout the world. With submissions reviewed independently of WIPO, the journal provides an unbiased examination of how these issues affect practice from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The WIPO Journal provides an invaluable forum for debate of the controversial issues affecting IP. It draws on the knowledge of experts from around the world to comment on a wide variety of matters influencing and affecting the global IP community.

Covering all the important debates, the journal features:

  • Articles - analytical articles focusing on key international IP issues
  • Opinions - punchy opinions from leading experts in the field
  • Comments - concise discussion of a specific topic, for example an individual case, convention, piece of legislation, issue of policy, commercial or technical issue

Make a Submission:

Who can submit?
We welcome contributions from a broad range of professions, including lawyers, policy makers, patent and trade mark attorneys, academics, scientists and economists.

What's up for discussion?
Debates on international matters from across the IP spectrum covering legal, technical, economic and policy issues. We are particularly interested in submissions covering current ‘hot’ topics or controversial issues of the day. Submissions will be peer reviewed independently of WIPO to present an unbiased view on the global issues.

Get Involved
If you would like to submit an original article or other piece please read the following: Submissions can take the following form and must not have been previously published elsewhere:

  • Articles: approx 7,000-10,000 words
    Authors should focus on IP issues and explain in a practical way (as far as possible) the matters being discussed. Comparisons across jurisdictions are encouraged.
  • Comments: approx. 3,000 words
    Authors should focus on a specific topic, an individual case, legislation changes, arbitration results and issues under discussion in international forums such as WIPO or WTO etc explaining why the topic is of particular concern or interest
  • Opinions: approx. 1,500 words
    Authors can use opinions to express their personal views on IP matters, they should be ‘punchy’ and written in the style of an Editorial

When submitting content please provide your name, profession, area of expertise, etc. Please also categorise, where possible, the area your submission seeks to cover e.g. legal, technical, economic, policy or other issue.

Please send submissions in MS Word format as e-mail attachments to the publishers, Sweet & Maxwell, at: paulcrick@mac.com

Review Process:
Prior to publication all submissions received will undergo a review process carried out by the Editorial Board. Some amendment may be required to ensure the piece is entirely suitable for publication in the journal.


Submissions should be sent to Commissioning Editor Paul Crick at paulcrick@mac.com

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