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Principles of International Insolvency
Principles of International Insolvency
2nd Edition, (Volume 1 in the Series)
Series:  Law and Practice of International Finance Series
ISBN:  9781847032102
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Publication Date:  21 Jun 2007
Format:  Hardback
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Part of the Law and Practice of International Finance series, this volume gives practical guidance on the law and practice of international insolvency. The new 2nd edition:
  • Gives you the most thorough and advanced study of insolvency law and practice providing you with a comparative overview of the law and practice in most of the world’s jurisdictions
  • Provides comparative studies of key areas of international insolvency law, including:
    1. ojudicial reorganisations and plans,
    2. oprivate restructuring agreements and workouts
    3. oliquidations
    4. othe liabilities of corporate directors and lenders
    5. ovoidable preferences
    6. opriorities
    7. otrusts and custodianship
    8. othe impact of insolvency on contracts and leases as well as bank insolvencies and state insolvencies
    9. Provides snapshots of insolvency laws worldwide
    10. Discusses conflict of laws on insolvency, including the EU Insolvency Regulation and the Uncitral Model Law
  • Introduction
  • Comparison of work-outs judicial rescues and liquidations
Jurisdictions of the world
  • Legal families of the world
  • Indicators of insolvency law
  • Anglo-American common law jurisdictions
  • Napoleonic jurisdictions
  • Roman-Germanic jurisdictions
  • Other groups of jurisdictions
Insolvency topics
  • Entry criteria for insolvency proceedings; stays on claimants
  • Management of insolvency proceedings
  • The bankruptcy ladder of priorities
  • Bankrupt's property and trusts; publicity
  • Non-consensual trusts and tracing
  • Security interests
  • Insolvency set-off
  • Contracts, leases and forfeitures
  • Avoidance of preferences
  • Selected preference laws
  • Director liability
Shareholder and other third party liability
Work-outs and reorganisations
  • Private restructuring agreements (work-outs)
  • Lender liability
  • Judicial reorganisation plans
Special debtors
  • Bank insolvencies
  • State insolvency
  • Insolvency of individuals and other debtors
Conflict of laws
  • Insolvency conflict of laws: introduction and jurisdiction
  • Recognition of foreign insolvency stays and representatives
  • Applicable law
  • EU Insolvency Regulation and bank and insurance directives
  • UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency
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